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Welcome to our official dating site

When we met, our life dramatically changed for the better as life takes on a whole new meaning when you have someone to share it with. Over twenty years later we are happier than we have ever been as our love for each other continues to grow. Our goal is to help you find the love that we have, right here on our dating site.

We want you to also share the amazing experiences that love brings, the friendship, support and certainty that it gives you in life. Right here you can find that special someone to share your life, your love and your adventures with as these are the most important keys to the happiness you deserve.

We have thousands of members already using our service and discovering what's truly important to them. You've now also have this opportunity to make it happen for you too, right here, right now, so you have no need to waste any more time searching for love. You can make it happen right here as we truly believe that your perfect partner is waiting inside our site to meet you, right now!

Most people meet someone in a social situation such as at a bar a nightclub or through work. They have an initial attraction, they can then fall in love and only once they do, do they compare notes and then try and change each other to fit their individual requirements, they then realise the mis-match and as a result this is a large contributor to relationship breakups. Attraction alone is no basis for long term love.

Just consider this, if you go to the supermarket without a shopping list, you'll always come out with lots of things you didn't really want, and often forget the one thing you went in for in the first place, relationships are no different.

The great benefit of our site is that it allows you to decide exactly what's important for you when you are looking for love, and just as you would create a shopping list, you can create the same for your perfect partner by selecting all the attributes of your perfect partner in advance and then using the selection process available within the site, YOU CAN FIND THEM.

Wishing you love and happiness from this moment on,

All our best regards,Nik & Eva

Our top dating tips

Why take chances, when you're looking for love? Here are our tips to firstly prepare you to love yourself, and then give you the confidence you need to know you deserve the best!

Step 1 - to remind yourself you deserve to be loved....
  • Write a list of all your personal achievements from passing an exam to making a great dinner.
  • Write a list of all the kind things you've done for others, such as making someone smile to lending a helping hand.
  • Write a list of all the compliments you can recall (it doesn't matter whether you believe them or not as this is about what others see in you.)
  • Imagine someone who loves you unconditionally (like a best friend, child or parent) standing in front of you, now close your eyes and imagine yourself floating into their body and seeing yourself through their eyes, through the eyes of love and appreciation, notice how different that feels.
  • Make a list of all the attributes you're looking for in a perfect partner to give you a clear goal, so that you can find the right kind of person for you.
Step 2
  • DON'T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN YOU WANT! The exercises you did in step 1, prove you deserve it!
  • BELIEVE YOUR PERFECT PARTNER IS OUT THERE SEARCHING FOR YOU TOO. This will keep you focused so as not to give up. You owe it to yourself and your soul mate to find one another.
  • VISUALISE IN ORDER TO MAKE SPACE IN YOUR LIFE FOR YOUR NEW PARTNER. Imagine your future self in the relationship that you want to be in, start considering what this will look like, start sleeping on one side of the bed, leaving space for them and make space in your wardrobe for their clothes! This visualisation and belief will bring you closer to success!

Our top tips for finding your perfect partner;

Step 1 - create your perfect partner

How will you recognise your perfect partner if you don't know what you're looking for?

Write a list of what your perfect partner would like, what hobbies they would have, what values and beliefs they would adopt, environmental and material likes and dislikes etc. look to write a list of at least 50 qualities. Next cut down the list of qualities to your top 20 in order of importance.

Step 2 - don't compromise!

Note what is important to you in your perfect partner on your profile! If you can match 70% of your requirements they could be the perfect one for you!